AXIVA - Sample Pad

Sample pad is the platform where sample / analyte is placed at the time of testing. Sample pad is one of the most important element after the Nitrocellulose membrane in the lateral flow test / immune chromatographic test. It is used to control the p H of sample, movement of the gold conjugate and also block the membrane on the fly. Sometime it is necessary to treat the sample pad to get good assay performance. Axiva Sample pad made of binder free glass fibre that exhibits high absorption capacity. It does not bind proteins.It has excellent resistance to withstand tension and effectively filter components in the sample to prevent analyte contamination. The in vitro diagnostic sample pad is available in a wide range of thickness, absorption levels and compositions.

Ordering Information
Cat. No. Thickness Composition Applications
SP02(03) T 320 ­ 440 µm 100% Glass fibre Sample pad/Source pad
SP02(06) T 530 ­ 670 µm 100% Glass fibre Sample pad/Source pad
glass fibre sample pad