AXIVA - Incubator Shaker

The shaking incubator combines in one instrument two typical laboratory operation:shaking and incubation of samples. Combining the convenience of a benchtop incubator and a shaker, it is ideal for cell culture, solubility studies, extraction procedures and many other laboratory applications.


• Large LCD screen to display more data at same time.
• Stainless-steel chamber and platform, easy to clean.
• Big observation windows.
• Microprocessor controller for temperature and shaking speed with timing function.
• Self-check function easy to identify problems.
• Smooth start and stop system prevents liquid spillage.
• Auto-controller of fan speed to prevent damage to the samples.
• Safety door switch, auto pause operation when door is opened.
• High effective filter provides filtration of bacteria and dust.
• Temperature-limiting alarm system, auto switch off when over-temperature. (option)
• RS485 connector can connect computer record and inspect the parameters and
• the variations of temperature. (option)

Model ATHZ-100 ATHZ-300
Temperature Range RT +5-65 C  
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C 0.1°C
Platform Size (WxD, mm) 350 x 350 450 x 450
Interior Height (H, mm) 270 320
Exterior Dimension (WxH xD,mm) 490 X 450 X 690 590 X 550 X 800
Maximum Capacity 4000ml 6000ml
N/W 42 Kg 52 Kg
Convection Forced Convection Forced Convection
Shaking Speed Range 40-250RPM 40-300RPM
Speed Accurouce ± 1RPM ± 1RPM
Amplitude 20mm 20mm
Universal Clamp Standard Standard
Timer Range 1-5999mins 1-5999mins
Electrical Requirement AC220V/50Hz AC220V/50Hz
Power Consumption 650W 650W
50(ml) 24 42
100(ml) 15 28
250(ml) 8 12
500(ml) 7 11
1000(ml) 4 8
2000(ml) 2 4
ATHZ-300 Platform (3061)
ATHZ-100 Platform (3063)
Shaking Incubator Tube Holder
ATHZ Series Flask Clamp (3073)
  Flask Clamp (3074)
  Flask Clamp (3075)
  Flask Clamp (3076)
  Flask Clamp (3077)
Incubator Shaker
AXIVA - CO2 Incubator

The CO2 incubator is the ideal instruments for immunology, oncology genetics and bio engineering. It is widely applicable for research and production of microorganism, agricultural science pharmacology.


• Air jacker heater (water jacket heater can be choosed).
•Colorful touch screen controller, temperature, CO2 concentration, humidity (option) and other parameters show visual.
• The curves of temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration can be viewed.HEPA filter (option).
• With 90°C moist heat decontamination function.(UV disinfection is optional).
• IR sensor, real-time real measured of CO2 concentration.
• In forced convection mode, the power of fan is adjustable.
• It has outer door heating function to prevent produce condensation on theglass door.
• Independent temperature-limiting protection system to avoid temperature out of control if temperature control system failure.
• Professional CO2 pressure relief valve with 2 stage control and stablepressure.

Chamber Volume 80L155L233L
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Temperature Fluctuation 0.1°C
Temperature Gradient < +0.5°C
Temperature Uniformity(@37°C) +0.3°C
CO2 Rangee (0-20)%V/V
CO2 Sensor IF
CO2 Control Resolution 0.1%
CO2 Deviation <+.3%V/V
Humidity Method Natural Vaporization > 95%
Shelves(pcs) 2 3 3
Interior Dimension (WxH xD,mm) 400x500x450 480x610x530 600x670x630
Exterior Dimension (WxH xD,mm) 590x790x690 670x880x770 790x940x840
Electrical Requirement   AC220V,50Hz  
Power Consumption 500W 650W 950W
Incubator Shaker


Incubator Shaker


Incubator Shaker


Incubator Shaker
CO pressure releasing valve
Incubator Shaker


RS485 connector
Incubator Shaker